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Pet Dental Health Awareness!

When it comes to keeping ourselves healthy, most of us realize that brushing our teeth and having regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist are an important part of our healthcare.  The same goes for our pets! Keeping their mouths clean and free from plaque build-up and bacteria pulls double duty by stopping bad breath, painful mouths, and by keeping that same bacteria from travelling to other body systems.  Studies have shown that periodontal disease is linked with other serious health issues, including heart & liver disease, kidney failure and diabetes.

The number one recommendation we can give pet owners is to brush their pet's teeth on a daily basis. However, we realize this isn't achievable for everyone, which is why there are other options available to you, such as special diets, toys and certain treats. We ask that all our pet owners be aware of the impact dental disease has on their pet's health, and make dental care a regular part of keeping their pets in good health.  

For advice or more information, our employees are happy to help. Contact any one of our locations!  Our goal is to spread the word of pet dental care! Hill's Pet Nutrition has put together a great website: PetDental.ca.  There you can find tonnes of information, from how to brush your pets teeth, to how the dental diet Hill's t/d works to help clean your pets teeth. 

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It is our commitment to provide quality veterinary care for small and large animals.

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