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Bovine Vaccines

Please speak to one of our veterinarians for personalized farm vaccination protocols.    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">  

  What do I need to protect cattle from?

  • Pnuemonia
    • IBR/BVD/PI3/BVD/BRSV/ Pasturella/Haemophilus/Others
  • Abortion
    • IBR/BVD/Vibrio/Lepto/Others
  • Calf Scours
    • Corona Virus/Rota virus/E.coli/Others
  • Foot Rot
  • Pink Eye
  • Black leg
  • Tetanus



Killed versus Modified Live Vaccines


Killed Vaccines 

Modified live vaccine 


Can be used in all stages of lacation/ pregnancy

Properly stored partial bottle can be used later 

A stronger immunological response

More rapid immune response

Longer lasting protection 


Primer doses needs booster in 2-4 weeks (in naive animals)

More expensive per dose 

Historically can not be given to pregnant animals. (however some newer MLV vaccines are lablled for use in pregnant animals if previously vaccined)

Needs to be reconsitutented prior to use

Can be inactivated by heat, sunlight, chemical residues in syringe

Must be used within hours of being mixed

Partial bottles cannot be stored