Head for the Hills VHS

Box 399
Redvers, SK S0C 2H0



Head for the Hills is proud to have the opportunity to work with Angels of Hope Animal Rescue Inc, Bright Eyes Dog Rescue and Prairie Sky Dog Rescue.

Angels of hope is based out of Esterhazy, Bright Eyes and Prairie Sky are both based out of Regina but all three rescues have foster families throughout Southeastern Saskatchewan. All the rescues are run completely by volunteers & foster homes.  They are committed to finding quality homes for the animals in their care, and we encourage all of our clients to consider adopting through any one of the amazing rescues we support (or help them out by becoming a foster!). 

If you would like to learn more about any of the rescues:

Angels of Hope Animal Rescue website: http://angelsofhopeanimalrescue.com

Bright Eyes Dog Rescue website: http://www.brighteyesdogrescue.com/ 

Prairie Sky Dog Rescue website: http://prairieskydogrescue.ca/ 

All three rescues also have very active Facebook and twitter pages!

Foster homes are so important to a rescue. Often, an animal will need moved out of their situation as soon as possible because they simply don't have time to sit around and wait to be adopted. All the rescues pay for all costs associated with taking in a foster, all you have to do is open your home & your arms to an animal in need.  If you wish to be a foster parent or would like more information, please contact one of the rescues.