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Bovine Services 




Breeding Soundness Evaluation- Head for the Hills Veterinary Services semen tests bulls on farm or in clinic.  We are able to test large numbers of bulls in a reasonable time frame and in a concise manner. We adhere to the guidelines set out by the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners.

Freezing Bull Semen for on Farm A.I. Use- Many producers today will use this service as a form of insurance.  If a bull is injured, but has semen in the tank, then all is not lost.  This is an excellent way to protect good genetics.  Freezing semen then breeding via A.I. allows producers to cover many more cows with fewer bulls. 

Pregnancy diagnosis- We offer on farm preg. checking year round. We are proud to offer both manual and ultrasound preg checking services.

Calving and Caesarian Sections- Both clinics are able to assist with any calving related difficulty your cattle may be having,whether it be a dystocia, twins, prolapse, or C-Section. We also carry supplies for all of your calving needs.

Scouring Calves- All clinics have separate isolation wards complete with stalls for calf restraint. We can provide a warm, dry area while your calf recovers. The isolation ward also allows the calf to remain on IV fluids to better support them through the diarrhea. In addition, we can do on farm assessment of risk factors that may be contributing to a scour outbreak.  We are able to make recommendations to cut back on scours including management changes and vaccination protocols.

Insurance Claims- Head for the Hills Veterinary Services is able to come to your location to investigate claims of drowning, lightning, or entrapment.  We are also able to do provincial predation claims.

Emergency Services- To reach the veterinarian on call any time outside of normal work hours

Call:  (306) 452-3558 Redvers
(306) 453-2446 Carlyle
(306) 736-2516 Kipling