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Semen Freezing For
On Farm Use

   Head for the Hills Veterinary Health Services is renowned for putting up excellent quality A.I. straws. Our bovine semen freezing services are used by progressive producers as a way to protect bull genetics as well as a way to get more value from a single bull. 

     Please call ahead to enable us to order labelled straws.  It is helpful if the bull's registration papers are available when the straws are ordered. Usually it takes a minimum of 7 days to receive the straws from the manufacturer. We also recommend that owners provide their own nitrogen tanks for storage of the straws once the freezing process has been completed. 

      It is a good idea to let the bull's semen concentration build up by keeping him from breeding 1-2 weeks prior to collection.

   Once your bull has been collected, his semen is checked for count and motility. It is then extended. Your bull's semen concentration and volume will determine the final number of straws available. After the freezing has been completed a couple of straws are thawed as per insemination protocol and checked for quality.