Head for the Hills VHS

Box 399
Redvers, SK S0C 2H0



Registered Veterinary Technologists:

Kalli Martin, RVT

Kalli graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College in 2019. Kalli grew up on a farm just outside Sinclair, MB. She has a interest in anything to do with cattle with calving season being her favorite time of year! She did her practicum in a strictly large animal clinic in Toronto and obtained a generous amount of cattle experience while she was there. In her spare time she enjoys playing baseball and hockey. 

You can find Kalli primarily working out of our Carlyle and Redvers locations.


Lesley Wilson, RVT- Office Manager

Lesley graduated from Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College in 2003. She has been working at the clinic on and off since then, taking time at home to farm with her husband. She is always a helpful hand in the clinic with any appointment. She continues to be a mentor to all the staff and can be counted on for any questions they may have. In her spare time she enjoys camping and spending time with family and friends.

Veterinary Assistant


Martina Kohle, RVT

Martina graduated from Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College in 2020 and is the newest edition to the team. Martina is originally from a grain and cattle farm outside of Cudworth, Saskatchewan. She loves all sorts of outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. 

You can find Martina in the Kipling and Carlyle locations.

Karen Cadena 

Trained as a Veterinarian in Colombia, Karen immigrated to Canada in 2008.   While in Canada, Karen became a veterinary assistant through the Stratford Career Institute.  Most recently she has passed her English proficiency examination and is beginning the process of writing her board exams to become a licensed veterinarian in Canada.

Karen is known for her warm smile, compassion and her addiction to chocolate!  She has a very soothing effect on animals, helping them feel calm and safe while visiting the veterinary clinic.

Lisa Holden

Lisa starting working with us in 2010. Lisa lives at a farm with her husband and family near Redvers, where they have a beef herd that keeps her busy when she's not at the clinic.  In addition to cattle, Lisa's family enjoys having a few horses, and the family pet dogs-"Charlie","Chevy" and "Wheeler".  

Mainly working out of the Redvers clinic, Lisa keeps the wheels in motion!  Whether booking appointments, helping hold a patient for examination, or keeping everyone on task-Lisa always has a cheerful attitude.  If you need something, Lisa has the know how to "get 'er done". 


Timbel Wellborn

Timbel started working with us in 2015. She grew up on a farm around the Kennedy area and still resides in the area with her husband, Shane. They just recently moved to a farm near Kennedy and she is enjoying every minute of it. On their farm they have a few barn cats, horses and as well as their 3 dogs, Tux, Rosie and Dolly. Timbel is a familiar face to the community and she is an asset to have at the Kipling location.

Kennel Attendants:


Brooklyn Ewert

Brooklyn works at our Redvers location after school and during the summer months. Brooklyn is an great help to have around to clean up the clinic after a busy day.

 Clinic Greeters:



Miss Winks 

You will see this adorable face at the Carlyle location. Miss Winks enjoys spending her days sleeping by the window in the exam room on her fluffy pillow. When she gets the opportunity to explore outside she likes chasing grasshoppers and "hunting" the gophers that live under the isolation ward.  


Sasha is the newest clinic greeter at our Redvers location. You can usually find her curled up on a waiting room chair or hunting mice in the tall grass around the clinic. Her "lion cut" makes her very unique and keeps her long hair clean, fresh and easy to maintain.