Head for the Hills VHS

Box 399
Redvers, SK S0C 2H0



   About Us

   Located in Southeast Saskatchewan, Head for the Hills Veterinary Health Services is well-established as a service provider for small and large animals.  We offer comprehensive medical, surgical, laboratory, reproductive, and dental care.  In addition to our veterinary services, we offer small animal cremation.  We operate full service clinics at 3 locations- Redvers, Kipling and Carlyle.  These facilities include a well -stocked pharmacy, surgery suite, closely supervised hospitalization area, and isolation ward.


   Head for The Hills Veterinary Services does radiographs. We also do in clinic laboratory tests such as CBCs (complete blood counts), blood chemistry tests, fecal floatations, and breeding soundness evaluations, just to name a few. 

    Some rather unique services offered by our company include small animal cruciate surgeries, small animal cremations, and freezing bovine semen for on farm A.I. use.

   At Head for the Hills Veterinary Health Services, we strive to give sound advice and optimal veterinary care.  Our clients appreciate that we have a long standing relationship with them and their animals, allowing us to give care based on a lifetime of knowledge of their individual needs.