Head for the Hills VHS

Box 399
Redvers, SK S0C 2H0




Many dreams, thoughts and memories ran in my mind while the airplane was getting away from home (Colombia), but above all I knew I would be strong and push myself to overcome any obstacle and keep going.

Certainly I was feeling warm not because of the heater of the plane but for the four layers of clothes my mom made me use. Canada is cold, she said. But I think we didn't realize there isn't snow on the plane or in the airport! It was my first time on a plane. My mother travels a lot with my father because of his job, but they have never seen snow. ?Cold? is the first thought that runs in your mind!

I told Mom, I will be back in five years. By then we will have our citizenship and everything will be easier. I said goodbye, they said goodbye, and our eyes talked with each other.

Rafael was waiting for me in Canada. It was November 2007.  It wasn't that cold for me, I think I was already overheated with all my extra clothes, Ha Ha! I remember that day it snowed, and Rafael opened his arms, trying to catch the little flakes of snow. "It looks like a star.... it has a beautiful shape." he said. I thought that was nice. It was Canada's welcome to both of us!!!!

Kamilah was born on July 25, 2009. That big move makes us Canadians. She is the center of my life; she is the center of our lives!

We got to Redvers after three years living in Canada. Head for the Hills Vet Clinic was the beginning of many more experiences related to our profession. That gave us again one more motive to 'live the dream' working with animals, meeting people, and practicing English. Before, we didn't have the opportunity to delight our eyes with veterinary science, socialize with lots of different people and, of course, the chance to learn English.

Wow! What can I say, it is different but fantastic. It has been a mix of different experiences that sometime one can't avoid comparing with the stuff it is usual to see and do in our home country.

Getting to interact with people in a different language, trying to find the word that will make the point you want to get across, it is just funny sometimes how  YOU WONDERFUL CANADIANS just smile and look at me, saying , Right! or  Where is your accent from?? Getting the conversation smoother and warm is helpful and keeps us going in our learning process. Thanks for that!

I just remember the first time the phone was ringing. I was holding it in my hands, and Dr. Christine looked at me, gave me the phone, and said to me 'Good luck', with a really big smile on her face. That was just awesome! She was confident in me and at the same time was giving me confidence in myself. All those little things push you forward to accomplish this big objective in life, to live well.

How about Lisa always being there to help one out and give a nice, comfortable answer to one's questions! There is nothing better than not being afraid to ask because you know she will always have sweet and thoughtful words that will give you just what you were looking for.

Lesley has been at the clinic for long that you know if she is saying it, it is because it must be a way, and I am glad that a senior worker receives everyone with open arms as a welcome to the clinic. That is always good.

Morgan...she just gets ahead of me and decodes what I am trying to say before I even say it!! Ha Ha!! That is really helpful, gets things going and even helps other people to understand what I am saying! Thanks Morgan. That makes me feel free, letting me try my best but stepping in when it is necessary.

Breanne always organized and having things under control, you can always trust her when trying to get information one needs to know. You are our lifesaver!

Oh! Marilyn! Marilyn! Always happy, always laughing, always making things interesting. All of us love to have you around!

Dr. Clarke, keep working on your Spanish, you are doing well, by the way. We just have to make a few changes in your vocabulary! It is marvelous to perceive the spark you add with your personality.

All those are my people. I mean when you spend most of the time at work, in the end it is just like family!

 A new addition has joined us. Dr. Grace, welcome to the team! It is great to have you here with us. You have made a long trip, and you and your professional knowledge are just a prefect addition to the clinic and the town of Redvers.

All together we form a great work team. HEAD FOR THE HILLS VETERINARY HEALTH SERVICES.  Knowing beforehand you will interact with and face a group that is willing to help out, I assure you, we assure you, when you approach the clinic you will get the kind of service you deserve and expect.

Rafael and I joined the team, eager to help out and do what is needed. We feel satisfied with the experiences lived so far and always feel proud and happy to talk about our country and customs.

We have bought a house here in Redvers that we think is just perfect! We don't need more than this. Kami loves to play in the backyard, run naked around the house, and spoil our two cats Gaira and Stewie.  We are making plans to go to Colombia next December, the best month of the year, and I am looking forward to family, fireworks, music, dance, Santa Claus and food... lots & lots of food...and sweets (I love them..just a secret i keep to myself)